Spring evening at Prospect Terrace Park in Providence

The Arrival of Spring

Happy Earth Day! In the last couple of weeks, the spring has finally arrived here in Rhode Island! Here are some of my favorite shots so far of Spring 2021.

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Scenes of Fall 2020

It’s Christmas Eve afternoon, and with it being a more low-key holiday than usual this year, I thought it would be a good day to take a look back at some highlights from the fall.

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Fall in Lincoln Woods

It’s the first Saturday of December, and with the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorite shots from the fall.

I ended up only making it out a few times to shoot, but three of those trips were to Lincoln Woods State Park, one of my favorite spots in Rhode Island in the fall. It was cool to be able to visit the same spots and see the progression of the colors over the last two weeks of October.

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Bristol 4th of July 2019

Bristol is one of my favorite spots in Rhode Island, and in the last few years I’ve always tried to get down there in the weeks leading up to the Fourth of July for some photos. This year, I also made it to the parade. Check out my first photo story to see the images from Bristol and the parade!

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