Happy Earth Day! In the last couple of weeks, springtime has finally arrived here in Rhode Island! The weather is warming up, trees and flowers are starting to bloom, and the world is starting to feel alive again. With the good weather and sunsets getting later every day, I’ve been able to get out a good amount for photographs. Here are some of my favorite shots so far from the first few weeks of Spring 2021 in Pawtucket and Providence.

Spring Evening on the Blackstone River, 2021
Spring Skyline from Prospect Terrace, 2021
Spring Golden Hour on Jenckes Street, 2021
Springtime Sunset at Prospect Terrace Park, 2021

This is just the start of what I’ve been able to capture this spring, so there will be more coming soon! In the mean time, I’ve also put together a new gallery Rhode Island Spring with some of these photos along with other favorite spring photographs from the last few years. Thanks for reading, and enjoy these beautiful spring days!