2020 Year in Review

Published on December 31, 2020

December 31, 2020. I think most of us would agree, that at some points this year, it felt like this date would never come. So, while flipping the calendar doesn't actually change anything about the current situation, it's a good point to take a quick break to take a look back and reflect on this past year.

With everything that happened this year, I obviously wasn't able to get out to photograph as much as a normal year, but I still wanted to take a look back at some of my favorites from the year.

Winter Florida Trip

In late winter, just a couple weeks before the world changed, I took a trip with my friend James down to South Florida for a week of exploring, sporting events, and photos. We started on the East Coast and spent a few nights in the Delray Beach area, where we explored Jupiter Lighthouse, took a boat cruise, and went to see the Bruins play the Florida Panthers in Sunrise.

After the game, we headed west across Alligator Alley, stopping in the Everglades for an airboat ride. This was the definite highlight of 2020 for me and one of the coolest experiences of my life. Next time I'm definitely bringing a telephoto zoom lens!

Once we made it to the West Coast, we spent the last two nights of our trip in Fort Myers where we got to see a Red Sox spring training game before flying back to New England.

R.I. Angel of Hope and Strength

In late April, the state of RI worked with Shepard Fairey to project his "R.I. Angel of Hope and Strength" onto the RISD Auditorium building. This was the first time I took my camera out since the start of the pandemic.


This summer we were lucky to have the Comet NEOWISE appear and put on a show over the month of July. One evening near it's peak visibility, we went out to see if we could get some shots of it over Providence. I did manage to get a few shots with the comet along with a couple really cool night shots from Prospect Terrace Park.

AS220 Gallery Exhibition

In September, I had the awesome experience of hosting my first gallery exhibition "Seasonal Scenes Rhode Island" at AS220 Main Stage in Providence. While it was missing a few elements of a traditional gallery show due to the pandemic, it was still a great time and rewarding to see my work hang in a gallery space. Thanks again to AS220 for this great opportunity!

Fall in Rhode Island

This fall foliage season ended up as the majority of my photography for the year. A few of my favorite's from this fall are below. Check out last week's Scenes of Fall 2020 post for even more!

And with that, I can say goodbye to 2020. We're on to 2021.