Updated, October 2020: The exhibition has now concluded. I would like to thank AS220 Galleries for the opportunity and everyone for all their support!

I’m excited to announce my gallery exhibition “Seasonal Scenes Rhode Island” at AS220 in Providence will open this Saturday, September 5th! The show will be open through Saturday, September 26th!

Seasonal Scenes Rhode Island by Brian Lavall Photography
September 5 – 26, 2020
AS220 Main Stage & Gallery
115 Empire Street, Providence, RI

Due to the ongoing public health situation, there unfortunately will not be a public opening reception. However, the gallery is open for public viewing by appointment on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Please email AS220 Gallery Director Neal Walsh to schedule an appointment.

All the photographs in this gallery exhibition are printed at 13×19 on Canon Pro Semi-gloss paper, matted to 18×24, and specially marked on the back of the prints signifying they are part of the “Seasonal Scenes Rhode Island” gallery show. These prints are available for purchase through AS220 Galleries through the end of September. Contact Neal Walsh for purchasing information.

If you are not able to attend in person, I invite you to keep scrolling to enjoy the virtual show gallery below.

Welcome to the

Seasonal Scenes Rhode Island

Virtual Gallery

Growing up in New England, our lives always revolved around the seasons. From the vibrant colors and cool, crisp air of autumn, the holidays and blizzards during the winter, and the first blooms of spring to the summer beach days and WaterFire nights, the seasons evoke strong memories and emotions for most New Englanders.

Photography in its most basic form is the art of capturing light in a single frame to tell a story about a unique moment in time. As a landscape and cityscape photographer, all of my work is influenced by the seasons in some way. The varying light, weather conditions, and flora across the seasons here in New England provide an ever-changing canvas of these unique moments to capture with my camera. Visiting some of my favorite places to shoot at different times throughout the year to capture how these places change along with the seasons, and how the seasons affect the look, feelings, and emotions evoked from these photographs is one of my favorite aspects of this art form.

This exhibition, ​Seasonal Scenes Rhode Island,​ is an exploration of the seasonal changes to our state through some of my favorite photographs captured here in Rhode Island over the last few years.